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Speculative Design for an Immersive Theatre Experience on Floating Island in Hyde Park

Neplanta - The Space In Between 

Perfomance embodies knowledge. How can it transmit identity?

In this dissertation I analyze the importance of performative based medias in order to preserve a culture and build people's identities. 

The case studies I used are: the syncretism between mayan and christianism, the palio of Siena and Tania Tagaq music.

Full paper avaiable on request. 

Language: English (but avaiable for answer questions in italian as well)

Lo sguardo al di là della rete / Looking through the veil

First article for the platform "Politica della Bellezza" (The Politics of Beauty) that concerns our way of conserving the biosphere in the light of colonialism.

Full article avaiable in English and Italian here:

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