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The Entertainment is a diffcult one to navigate. Humans needs to share time together and have fun in order to be mentally healthy, but the ever-increasing amount of tv channels, shows, concerts and film is becoming problematic.

If you are based in the UK, you can find very useful insights in the
Albert Project, although people form inside the movements themselves argued that the amount od material produced is a very daunting problem when we speak about of what is sustainable to create.
When big companies produce just in order to feel on-air time on channels rather than because fo the great ideas they can produce, how can we install a trend change?
The Albert Project certificate is also a great way to explore how you can contribute to your team and understand the methodology they are trying to dssiminate.. I can highly recommend it!

While working as a set designer, I found projects like the
Scrapstore an incrediby valuable practical solution to enact crcular economy into your design process. Thankfully the one in London ahd so much choice which meant I did not have to compromise a lot on what I wanted to create, but sometime it was fun to jsut roam around and getting inspired by what I was seeing! 


Roaming around, here is a list of  my favourite projects, festivals, shows, ideas that I either found very inspiring or very helpful;

Sundance Institute


The Vaults Theatre  - most of their sets are recycled and even their bars use re-fillable drink suppliers

Solar Panel Sound Systems 


Pete the Monkey Festival


Border Crossing - bringing indigenous voices to London

La Wayaka Current

Arte Sella - The contemporary mountain



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