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Although sometimes I have mixed feelings about it, reality is I really enjoy protesting as I find it one of the most powerful ways for people to come together and take ownership of their futures.
My experience has told me that there is not one movement that will get t complitely right, even those that starts with very good principles and that to actually orchestrate a protest which is going to have an impact is a full time job.

Although I personally believe Extinction Rebellion is now controversial in some of the tactics they use, I also always remember the incredible effect that the first Uprising in 2019 had on public opnion, If it wasn't for those few days of actions, the debate around the clmate crisis would probably be very different.

What I like about protests is that they are a place where people meeet, network and understand better what they are actually asking, while using protests themselves to enact some of the dynamics that they would like to see on big scale. If you want to familiarise some more on how they work, I adivse you to watch Inside: Standing Rock

I love playing samba and the way music can be used to lift the spirits (together with clowning, painting, chantng) is actually incredible and I had never appreciated it as much as when I was protesting. 


Little update, it's incredible and sadding to see how the tactics used by Blak Lives Matter and Extinction rebellion were targeted by the new law that the UK Goverment is proposing against portesting. In a way, this means that this protests worked just enough to intimate the powers and their money, but what a step back for human rights!

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