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After graduating from UAL, I was offered the opportunity to spend three weeks in Guna Yala, Panama through La Wayaka Current artist residency. The porject aims at bringing people form different backgrounds to Armilla, to install a direct relationship with the indigenous community and learn from them.
The project was a co-creation, and responded to the need of the Guna People of highlight the mpacts of climate change int heir community and the potentials that bringing people form Europe would have in amplifying their voice.

WoodBell was born from this experience, and for two years was a way for me and my collaborator, Sally Sommerville-Woodiwis, to explore ways through which answering to the cause. 

Our main outcome was The Niurca Tent, through which we offered people an insight of the experience we had in Guna Yala by putting in direct contact wth the knowledge the locals shared with us.
The tent toured for over an year, until Covid restrictions put the project on a pause. 

You can read how the project started

The Niurca Tent was featured at:

Pete the Monkey Festival (FR)
MusicPort (UK)

WoodBell featured at:

Latin America in the Anthropocene, Indigenous People and Environmental Justice (UCL)


Dates we had in store:

Vaulty Towers (LDN)
Collaboratoin with Lambeth Council


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